It was the music, the horns, the down to earth beat and it just evolved into Beach Music in my opinion. And for all the artist, please dont stop makin me feel young. It was a time when fun was a simple thing and easy to have. It is just pure fun. Throughout the late 1950s and into the 1960s, the area surrounding the Myrtle Beach pavilion thrives. And over time we have learned that the best way to get that group involved is to start playing Beach Music. We had all their 45s and LPs. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The music is easy and fun to listen to and always puts a longing in your heart to be at the beach. The final pieces of the demolition happen in March and April. Good memories each and every one., The Magic Attic. A catharsis or revolution but a revelation and its curtains and lights out for Obama ! The songs recall memories of sand, sea, the people we have met, hot dogs and the warm summer breezes of the Grand Strand and the wind blowing on our faces as we spin through the air on the roller coasters and ferris wheels. It is happiness that just permeats the soul. What I really remember is what another one of may songs talks about.PARTY DOWN THE STREET..that culture of everyone is here to have a good time. I grew up with older bros and sis and have heard this music b/4 I could even speak a word. Half or moreof our generation/seeds;-) was gotten to lots of the loving tunes;-) Kay. Back in the 50s, sittin on the picnic tables at Lions Beach Pavilion,Moncks Corner,SC Beach music has just been a part of my life for about as long as I can remember. They were BBQ with lettuce, finely shredded cheese & a tomato wedge Not like the tacos that are served these days!, We always rolled into Myrtle Beach on the street beside the rides, and we were always excited to see the Pavilion. My heart swells just thinking about it!!! Western Carolina University used to have all the big name R&B artists do shows in the Gym back in the 60s. Its the beat of the music, and the bop we do to it. After playing drums on stage, Beach Music, for 45 years I feel Blessed to have been just a little piece of BEACH MUSIC, SHAG ON !!! This time around I want a widow from the south that loves Beach Music as much as I do. The Roundup I used to be afraid it would come loose and roll down the street. A week later he called me and said it was the most played CD on the jukebox and could I make him some more copieshe had sold out. Etc.Etc As soon as I hear it I feel like a teenager. It gives everyone a memory to go home with. Growing up in Hamlet NC it wasnt far to the Coachmen Club in Bennettsville, SC and great beach bands. We danced on sand spread all over the patio that night to the Catalinas Little Red Book.Thats where I fell in love, with both of them! Its hot days and ice cold beer at the Pad. and there were a bunch of bikers in there and it was dead. Man, I miss those times., The Ferris wheels that were side by side were my favorite. Well. Not to mention hes been the one telling us all what we dont want to hear. I have been around beach music just about all of my life and think there is nothing like it. Party till the lights go out, nothing but a party.. I love BEACH MUSIC & all the wonderful memories that go with it! When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. A historical marker commemorating the Myrtle Beach Pavilion is placed on the northeast corner of the lot and a small live-music stage and sand volleyball courts are built in the area where the pavilion building once stood. The park closes to the public on Sept. 24, with a ticketed The Last Ride event held on Sept. 30 and a final private party send-off at The Attic in October. I believe they didn't make it because they tried to improve on a perfect sound. It took me home and I listened to it so much that my children began to sing along with the songs I played on the CD player in the careven though they would rather have listened to something else. Its hanging out at the Pavillon and the old Beach Club and the Spanish Galleon when it was a hole in the wall. I feel like an outsider because Im so far behind the curve. As the Myrtle Beach area grows in population, tourism increases at a steady pace throughout the 1930s. Summertimes calling me!!! We loved the music and lived the lifestyle, too. I remember at around the age of 14 noticing all the music that flowed out of The Pad and looked forward to the day that I could get myself inside. Its all about the spirit (both kindsnext round is on me). It is goodtime partying music that invites you to dance! That would be like a trip to the past. The tunes are joyous, the moves are coo-ool! I loved it, it was BEACH MUSIC! Its hard to explain exactly what beach music is to someone else, but I know it when I hear it, even if it is a brand new song. Groups like The Tams, The Drifters, The Embers, Jackie Wilson, Junior Walker, Billy Stewart. I go to the jukebox and select some great beach music songs by the Temptations, Willie T, the Tams, Band of Oz, the Tymes, and a host of great artists that play good time music, and within seconds, the people start to smile, beat out rhythm on the table, laugh out loud, tap their feet, and start enjoying life again. No matter where you are or what youre doing, when the music starts playing your feet automatically begin to move. afternoons I could be found at the Cellar. Lots of fun poppy guitar driven rock that is perfect for a summer night, at the beach or other wise. I introduced Sugarcreek to anyone who would listen and it instantly became the music of choice whenever my friends and I would hang out at the beach on a Saturday night. After this tragedy the only safety incident in the history of the park the ride was dismantled and put out of operation. Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2002. Who could ask for more? Beach Music was a great find. HAPPINESS! "Rock the Night" leans more toward a "pop" sound, at times similar to J. Geils or Night Ranger, but still very enjoyable. The pavilion adds its first steel roller coaster, the Corkscrew. BEACH MUSIC will live on FOREVER! Mike Schermer (sp? Live To Shag, Shag To Live. We were and are still so sad it's gone. , Label Sad to see so many treating the shag dance like it is a cult. We always knew we were blessed.. SUGARCREEK was a rock band that was popular during the 1980's and played at the Magic Attic in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Its later listening to my husband play beach music on the radio at the small station he worked at. It is remembering the original Pappy, Buddy and Harolds Spanish Galleon and that woman you just met on the back deck while listening to the Atlantic Ocean meet the sand and moving your feet to Roscoe Gordons Surely I Love You. Beach music is that being in part of OD where The Pad once stood and still hearing Billy Smith on that radio in my memory saying Come party at The Pad. As soon as I here the faintest strains of one of my favorite songs, I find my mind racing back to days at the beach with friends and family. I thank her for just being born there. is the Grand Strands largest privately- owned tourism portal. See ya at da Beach! The building features various amusements, including a bowling alley, a .22-caliber shooting gallery, and an area for dining and dancing. If you have never heard of Sugarcreek dont hesitate to buy this CD. The Country Is Broke. Taking on the status quo ! However, back to the music. The music that makes you want to dance with anyone. They played hundreds of gigs every year. It is teaching your children values, morals and common sense. As far as I was concerned that was as far as you could go; you had made it. Most of all, it reminds me of the coolest old dude I know, my Dad, who passed on a love of this music to me at an early ageso thankfully, even at 27 years old, and even though I wasnt around for the good old days, I know what good music is. Also known as Magic Attic Club Dec 9 1991 Beach music is happy that soothes and excites. Beach music forever!!! Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. But it wasnt until I left in 1998 that I truly learned to appreciate Beach Music. When I think of Beach Music in Virginia the one and only place comes to mind.THURSDAY AT THE WORKS IN OLDE TOWN PETERSBURG.And I still Love Beach Music, I grew up listening to beach music & Elvis and I loved both types of music. Played in any of these? Even my little granddaughters know that Granny loves, loves, loves beach music and Motown. Speaking of th eTams I saw them at Gardner-Webb College in early 70s after the release of their album called The Tams-A Little More Soul It featured the big hit Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy. I Love it!!! Beach Music also recalls visions or some fantastic show bands that ignite covers of the Temps, Tams, 4 Tops and many other MOTOWN greats. When I see all these great thoughts from the people who have kept beach music alive and strong, there isnt much more I can add. I remember growing up as a small child in the Morehead City, Atlantic Beach area, and listening to the radio staions there. My Heart will never grow old because Ive got beach music in my soul Nothing could be finer than be in Carolina with Beach Music in My Soul. I can't wait to get this one!!!! The best beach music live band of all time was and remains to be The Embers. I may not be able to define it, but I know it when I see (hear) it. Beach music to me is summertime at Ocean Drive. $22.99. It Will Stand. This went on for several summers until I was 18 at which time the Pad was winding down but the Barrel and the Spanish Galleon were cranking up. Then hearing The Catalinas, at The Castaways I thinkand realizing I wasnt nearly as good as I thought I was Myrtle Beach without the Pavilion The famous, historic Pavilion is now completely gone, and this section of the beach- where Myrtle Beach itself began, is now empty and unused for the first Pictures taken on April 1, 2007. My hubby and I rode the rides on our honeymoon! We moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in '84 and my Sugarcreek vinyl went with me. Beach Music Forever It will stand, I live in Ohio or as Jim Quick refers to it OH-10. If you are a Sugarcreek fan, buy it quickly and bring back the memories. Just for a few minutes I can see the band, smell the ocean and remember all the laughter! Then in 1993, happily divorced, I started a new career. The pyro at the beginning messed up my color balance and fixes itself a few minutes later. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, See all details for Sugarcreek: Sugarcreek Fortune. Many see it as a local phenomenon, something uniquely Southern, and maybe even a little Carolinian Beach Music is OURS! Now, I am living in Georgia and introducing beach music to my 4 girls!! ), Band of Oz, Breeze Band, Pat Christie and the Fabulous Hot Dog Daddy-Os whose new song Its You is great! but ive loved the music and dance for over 50 yrs- and sos conventions at fat harolds and the other clubs has made many memories- i dont dance anymore due to a bad knee(wore it out shagging) but the music will be with me as long as i live. Lots of fun poppy guitar driven rock that is perfect for a summer night, at the beach or other wise. I especially like how even if you are single someone will dance with you. Grew up listening to beach music. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. .Quick. Beach music makes me feel good about what I am. Many people that spend a summer in Myrtle Beach during that time frame experienced their great sound. It was a time where women were all beautiful, the world was a happy place, and men had daydreams that caused _______ so bad they got bald spots on their backs, ha ha. Does anyone know if either place is still open? When we say we love beach music and mean it, we are part of a unique group. he is the man of beach music and always will be.hats off to the man , oh and that leather factory across the street well thats anthor story for anthor time , long live the sounds that the pad, the barrell, spanish gallon and so on goes the movements of her feet, as the sand ,from the shores sings out to them from the beach shaggers sands .harold my father bunky bellamy wanted to say hi so here is our hiya out to you sir the icon of the shag era keep on pumping the sounds the dj that produce the great sounds that heard , top of the hat goes off to you too . The people in the business are some of the most curtious and caring people you will ever meet. Even after the destruction of the building, the pavilions midway remains a popular attraction for visitors. Aint No Chickens Roosting here and play Chicken Shack Boogie.. a cold drink, a warm night, a hot date & the right music. The downtown area sees the addition of amusement park rides near the pavilion, and a paved, concrete walkway replaces the former wooden boardwalk. The guitar work, the unforgettable chorus, the drum workyou just won't believe this was an indy production. It provides us with the future, the present and a whole lifetime of memories. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Beach music is a wonderful part of our lives that unites those of us who have loved it dearly and always will. Michael Jackson Smile. To me its hot summer days. If you were there then Now its getting together with my friends and dancing and having a great time which is only made better by beach music and all that it stands for. On Saturday, July 20, 1991, a 17-year-old male is killed while riding a ferris wheel at the park. Beach music is the sweet salty air on a summer night walking waist-to-waist with your vacation love on a moon lit pier. The best beach music jukebox of all time the Jolly Knave on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh. Staxx was signed to Polygram Records in 1992 but their record never came out. , Package Dimensions Dancing under the benches beside the Pavilion. : Beach music now makes up about 70% of our play list. It brought my mo-jo back after a heart breaking divorce. Barbara Meadows Hundley, Browns Summit, N.C. - 10 Things Myrtle Beach Pavilion Fans Will Love, - The History of Myrtle Beach Attractions, - Pavilion Park at Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach Remembered - Myrtle Beach Pavilion, - Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park: A Look Back, Bring Back The Pavilion - Facebook Fan Page, - "Images of America: Myrtle Beach Pavilion" by Lesta Sue Hardee & Janice McDonald. It takes you back to a time when life was simpler and time moved at a much slower, relaxed pace. I can't wait to get this one!!!! Jr. Walker & the All-Stars, Al Greene, Billy Stewart, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Little Anthony & the Imperials, The Temptations, The Tams, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and many others mainly from the MoTown and Stax record labels. Ive enjoyed learning to Shag and dance to it. So Shila, if you should read this, Im still lost in 1957 with you on my mind and beach music as our blanket on the sands of time. I used to love riding them with my Papaw and once we got to the top and on the way down, we could see over the top of the buildings to the ocean. I am told that I have always loved beach music because that is what my Mom listened to while I was in vitro! . A gathering place for 80's Clubs Bands and the Clubs they played. Just a time when everything was magic and nothing more magic than the magic attack at Myrtle Beach - standing on the bridge looking at the people walking by listening to what a night by sugarcreek those were the days. I wore out my cassette of Fortune and have been looking for years for a CD. For abot a half a buck I was seeing the Drifters, Major Lance, The Tams, The Showmenand even opening shows for some of them with my own local group. The Rondells were one of the earliest beach groups with a full brass section about the time of Chicago and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The carnival agrees to make its permanent home across the street from the old pavilion on the west side of Ocean Boulevard, as a reinforced concrete version of the main pavilion building is built on the east side of the street. Magic Attic Myrtle Beach Concert Setlists City Myrtle Beach, SC, United States Add Myrtle Beach venue Address 1171 Celebrity Circle Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA Closed 2006 Info Located at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, an amusement park that opened in 1948 and closed in 2006, . Occupying its space, the Mad Mouse opens in 1998. From the song: Beach Music in Your Soul by C. Vaughn Lesley & Boys Night Out.I was turned on to Beach Music at Williams Lake back in the 60s listening to the Tams, Swinging Medallions, Pieces of Eight, Jackie Wilson, Gene Barbour & The Cavaliers, etc. Shag Dancers will have different definitions than the fans of the bands. I LOVE BEACH MUSIC is still one of my favorits and even today brings back wonderful memories of being young and carefree!!! In fact, I'd love to hear from Rick Lee if he reads this. Sands Resorts Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels - Myrtle Beach, SC. There are a lot of great people I have met over the years and I only get to see a few of them once a year down at SOS. Thank you to all the bands who play and have wrote beach music, its a blessing. I have notice that no what the event is there is always a group that doesnt seen to be enjoying themselves. Just look at what the young folks are digging today. Blast! The late Dale Van Horn and Steve Roddy did a show years ago called Beach Music, The Sound of the South. MS - Dannys Yazoo City, MS - Sonny's Myrtle Beach, SC - The Magic Attic Myrtle Beach, SC - Mama Gilberts (Kings Road) Myrtle Beach, SC - Castaways Myrtle Beach, SC - The Danger Zone Myrtle Beach, SC - Apple Annie's Dayton . The music, the guys and the beer!!! The best Beach Music Club of all time, again the Embers Club. I grew up in Savannah with Beach music on the air but didnt know it. It is when i feel like i am free and living. Though not affiliated with the original park, another nearby attraction adds to the draw of downtown Myrtle Beach when the Astro Needle Amusement Park opens across the street from the Pavilion at the corner of Chester Street and Eighth Avenue North. I have recently become a CWB fan and must say I am very pleased to know he was reared in the area. Beach music has a way of making this happen. It is Memories that you will never forget and Friends that are Forever. Beach Music is the only music that makes you feel good whether you are sober are had a few. Myrtle Beach South Carolina Magic Attic Ad from 1984 with Mixin Dixon and Freakin' Deacon Show more #myrtlebeach #wkzq Radio Mixin Dixon Deacon 1980s #aircheck Matchbook Memories Cathooker2. Women. Music that just thrills my soul. I love you Dad!! I was lucky enough to buy the Live at the Roxy and Fortune LPs in 1982 and the Rock The Night Away Tape in 1984. Today. They OWNED the Magic Attic in Myrtle Beach and electrified the South's biggest teen club for a dozen years. Used to sit in there for hours with my grandfather playing the baseball games., Sitting up top near the club watching the traffic and people below., Going [to the Pavilion] every vacation as a kid, I loved the wall with the sculptures that made music., I miss the good old days at the Myrtle Beach pavilion., Skee ball and riding the Himalaya ride with my cousin and of course a dip cone., The years from 1953-1958, I was 14 when my family would go to watch dancers at the Pavilion! PirateLand & Magic Harbor - Theme parks open from mid 1960s to early 1990s at 4901 S. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach (Now Pirateland Campground) KISS Coffeehouse - Rock-themed coffee shop at 1320 Celebrity Square at Broadway at the Beach (Now Rooster Bar & Grill) She is begging me to get them for her wedding this December I guess beach music still inspires good times and good love! Sugarcreek - Live @ The Magic Attic (with audio) 13,340 views Aug 17, 2018 150 Dislike Share Hufstuf Media Productions 229 subscribers Guys I don't know what happened to the original upload. Then along came Bill Deal & The Rhondels when I was in college and put a whole new sound to the old Tams classics. The music is just as enjoyable now as it was then! Today. , Manufacturer After the original Seaside Inn pavilion burns in 1920, it is replaced by a new, larger oceanfront pavilion, which opens in 1923 on the southeast corner of Eighth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard. its a place we cannot get to another way, unless we turn on the dial. Theres a ton of great Myrtle Beach Pavilion videos available on YouTube. Beach music is something that keeps you young. As a family, we loved playing skee-ball and playing the baseball machines. THAT is the power this band had on its fans. If he also with children looking fot a wonderful woman to be part of their lives that will be a great added plus.. Whew, thats a mouthful. It is now gone along with the rest of the. Though often accurately aligned with the shag dance, Beach Music and the shag are not synonymous, as not all Beach Music can be shagged to and much of what is shagged to is not Beach Music. One definition came from a man Bob Fee and I knew well, the late and great, our often imitated never duplicated radio brother J.W.Pittman: If it was playing on the jukebox at the Coachman when a cold Bud was in my hand, then its beach music. To me, beach music is our history. My friends and I would take turns driving. Theres just nothing to compare to beach music and Motown as far as I am concerned. The 1.2-mile Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade opens, running along the oceanfront side of the old pavilion lot. As the city marks a decade since the closure of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement park, the former pavilion lot remains mostly empty.